Thursday, 1 December 2011

Take it inside...

Its been a while.

But there is only so much inspiration one can get from cutting up endless amounts of Russian Vine and watching blueberry plants grow in winter.

The seasoned gardener will tell you that there is plenty to be getting on with in winter. The rest of us know that Christmas is coming. Bright lights, parties, sickies...I mean genuine winter illnesses that knock you out the day after the aforementioned parties.

And with Christmas in mind I would like to take you to a new and exciting place. You see, in my quest to prove to myself at least that I'm grown up I've offered to host Christmas at my place. My family all live on the other side of the country in the flatlands of Cambridge, and they are kindly making the trek. All eight of them, (partners/newphew included).

This will be the first year I've ever cooked at Christmas. Now if you shudder at my garden expertise perhaps you should just stop right here.

However, if you have enjoyed this blog then I'd love you to step over to

Before you gasp. I'm not even yummy let alone a mummy. But my good friend Ruth is and in just four weeks plans to kick me up the giblets and get me cooking the meanest turkey with all the trimmings. I'm dreading this.

And as an added bonus, she'll be setting cooking challenges for friends and readers and generally inspiring some decent cooking. Her heart lies in foraging for, or growing her own food, using every last scrap and making meals to fill a garden army.

I shan't let up on the gardening either and maybe one day the fruits of the garden will make an enviable meal in my kitchen...

The Hapless Kitchen Gardener

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I only feel hapless because some people make it look easy to grow 10 ft marrows or a banquet of greens whereas my courgettes got nabbed by killer slugs and I only got one raspberry. So tips and stories from people less hapless than I are more than welcome. As a disclaimer though, none of my comments should be taken as expert advice on which you can rely! © Unless stated otherwise, and with the exception of guest content where that guest retains copyright, all photos and posts are the copyright of Tom Carpen and may not be used without permission.