Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ray ban

Bristol is getting its tan on. 

Every flower in the city has been stripping off and flaunting its petals at the rays of the summer sun in the hope of turning a gorgeous colour with which to wow the crowds. Oh yes, beach culture has hit the garden

But as with every beach, there are sights we'd all rather not see. Don't get me wrong now, I'm one for all types to be on show. But when there's a spot of over-indulgence at the expense of variety then it's time to step in.

In the case of my garden it's sadly not the flowers but the dandelions, ground elder and unwelcome grasses that seem to think now's a good time to rise, shine and take over the lawn. En mass they've appeared and fought for the good spots and although it may have done them some inner good, I've had to avert my eyes. So much so that I've been avoiding the garden altogether. 

I know, I know this is not how one should behave with a responsibility such as a garden. But in truth I've given up trying to manage this unruly mob. I know there are dangers in taking on the nasty ground elder, anticipating that it'll fight back vigourously. But I don't know how long I'll be caring for this particular garden and rather than tackle the root causes (ha!) I've opted for a bit of cosmetic surgery courtesy of my lawn mower.

Sadly though, I've botched the job

The Hapless Kitchen Gardener

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I only feel hapless because some people make it look easy to grow 10 ft marrows or a banquet of greens whereas my courgettes got nabbed by killer slugs and I only got one raspberry. So tips and stories from people less hapless than I are more than welcome. As a disclaimer though, none of my comments should be taken as expert advice on which you can rely! © Unless stated otherwise, and with the exception of guest content where that guest retains copyright, all photos and posts are the copyright of Tom Carpen and may not be used without permission.