Sunday 4 February 2018

Growing Pains

Arrrggh, I just want to grow things!

I'm feeling the pressure to keep up with you Instagram gardeners, defying winter to chit potatoes and nurture your seedlings! Meanwhile, my garden remains hungover from a busy Autumn where all sense of order and tidiness went out the shed window!

Facing the old dilemma of 'where to start' I didn't feel I could start my seeds until I'd prepared my grow house, which I couldn't do until it was dry enough to take the waste to the tip, which I couldn't do until I had enough time to get to the tip, which I didn't have...

Yet I also know that if you don't start now it's like turning up to the 100m final 10 seconds late - race over. The beauty of winter in the garden is that nothing grows. No weeds, no seeds. Not unless you put some actual care and effort in, to get the soil warm, keep a bit of moisture and also check every 5 minutes in case nothing is growing...

Last weekend I'd had enough of this procrastination, and took 30 minutes away from what I was meant to be doing to get in the garden and do, well, what I deep down feel I am meant to be doing!

Weird isn't it, how when you get over the inertia and start doing something you know you love, that you get absorbed in it and could keep going for ever. Unfortunately, the sun didn't see it that way and started to make a dash behind the hills. But readers, I am proud that I managed to clear the grow house, plant me some chillis and peas, beetroots and bean and make a tentative start to this year's growing.

I also did the classic tidying up trick we all know so well...put it in a pile somewhere else!

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