Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I've got wood

Yes, I'm afraid it's one of those posts...

Look, no garden is complete without furniture, accompaniments and ornaments. Some of us opt for plastic - cheap, easy to clean, light to move; others for marble and stone because we perhaps delude ourselves that we will stay here forever and never have to lift these durable pieces.

And then there is wood, the choice that screams to our inner forest dweller. Choosing a piece of wooden outdoor furniture is like showing respect to mother nature.

However, making a piece of furniture out of wood is like laying prostrate at her altar and saying I'm not worthy but by God I'm trying. Love me. Almost like a child seeking praise, approval and belonging from the smallest creative endeavour we like to show we appreciate just what wonder Mother Nature creates and in our own endearing way seek to emulate, copy and contribute.

And thankfully, whether we intend it or not, it works as the enjoyment of a garden is surely enhanced by kicking back on a bench sculpted from old oak rather than one snuck embarrassingly out of B&Q.

I've had the screams of a carpenter residing in me for years, but am hamstrung by pure cack-handedness. Aged 18 I found some scrap wood in the garden, some wood glue and made a spice rack. I was so proud at my resourcefulness I showed my best friend. He bought me a metal one.

So I'm looking for your projects, your handiwork and your woodwork wonders to inspire me. You see, recently I came into ownership of an unloved pallet. I've had several false starts in plans to turn it into a table or a bench. I'll get there though.

And my friends very kindly gave me a lovely iron and wood bench which I have yet to replace the wood on because it has such character, but which is in need of sprucing up as it's old and ready to snap.

I have these burning desires to unleash some creativity with wood to enhance my garden. Returning to that childlike passion to create and show what I'm made of; to show mother nature that yes I really can reach my potential...

But of course, not all children behave themselves, isn't that right Lucy, sister in law..?

Get in touch, let me know what you've made, how you made it and how easy or hard it was to do. Email me Thehaplessgardener@gmail.com or post a comment/tweet...



The first piece of home craftsmanship is from Martin Searle (@MartinDSearle) who has rather impressively created his very own cold frame:


elaine rickett said...

Him indoors made me a trestle table for the greenhouse this weekend from two pallets. Stained green, really sturdy - I reckon at least £50 to buy.

Esther Montgomery said...

The height of my wood ability is to find an interesting piece in the woods or on the beach, bring it home and put it in the garden, trip over it and decide I'd better get rid of it again.

Hapless gardener said...

Elaine, you're onto a winner with him indoors! i've just been sent a picture of reader's home made cold frame which I'll be adding to the post. If you'd like to email a picture of your table I'll gladly publish.

Esther, I sense that no matter how many trips it doesn't stop your sense of excitement at the discovery on the beach. If so, you're a kindred spirit of mine!

Sunshine Girl said...
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Sunshine Girl said...

Oh dear you've just reminded me after seeing your piccie of the ladder and some fallen apples, that I must pick mine before it's too late and do something with them!

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