Thursday, 26 January 2012

Robin hoodie - a poem

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented poet Nikki Grant. Her work, both written and spoken brings to life the crazy world of slugs and bats in a way that had me laughing out loud. She does of course write about other things. She has since explained with some passion the approach poets take to their craft and it has inspired me to have a crack at it.

Now, this could be a bit like an elephant attempting a bit of ballroom, all clunky with lots of flapping and putting important things in the wrong places. But I'm going to attempt it nonetheless.

Do leave comments below if you like it / have some poetry nous to share


Robin, Robin Hoodie
Much misunderstoodie

Deprived of your space
You hide
In the shade, hopping from shadow to shadow.

It's a world dominated.
By the large, the loud, the brash and proud -

Crows on the table, gulls in the sky, why, 
Even the pigeons are street

We loved you when you first came into our world. Christmas is really for you.
But now, now we don't see you, or know where you are -

When you'll be back?

Perhaps it was love? Not enough or too much? Affection? Is that what you need?

A hug?
Oh Robin, Robin hoodie. Much, much misunderstoodie


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i love the hoppy hoppiness of your poem Tom! nik x

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