Sunday, 7 April 2013

King Arthur's Weed of the Day

Yes, I'm digging up my old favourite Weed of the Day post. I promise some proper writing in the coming days now Spring has made a lame attempt to appear this weekend. 

But after 2 days manful digging in both the garden and the allotment and a fight through the fairweather garden crowds at the garden centre I'm knackered.

So can I present to you the mythical weed of the Round table, discovered on a recent visit to the north shore of Cornwall and King Arthur's birthplace Tintagel.

I think this is my favourite weed so far. It's made an effort to look the part in amongst the medieval stone. Why, one might even wonder if Merlin himself had planted it...

Yeah, that's right, I'm keeping the myth going. But despite all the tat for sale and bus loads of tourists aghast at the number of steep steps to climb, it is a stunning place fit for only the finest weeds.


linniew said...

I want to say I have stone envy but it sounds a little suggestive so I will instead focus on that cute weed and have weed envy. But oh, maybe that's worse... Stones and plants just go so beautifully together.

Esther Montgomery said...

Very tastefully arranged sprigs of grass with it too - or are they lavender?

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