Thursday, 28 April 2011

Chive talkin'

According to the River Cottage handbook on growing veg (my current garden bible) you can eat flowers.

Is there no end to their potential? Not only do some fill the garden air with their evening scent, others blind you with their beauty (except the common Pansy. Bad name, bad look), and the best bring in the bees to get your garden fruity,  you can now have them as a delicacy.

Great news, so along with my already established chives I'm looking forward to adding borage flowers to Pimms and filling my courgette flowers with whatever Jamie Oliver tells me to.

With my chives blooming, I now have the chance to venture into this new culinary world.

Chive flower, recently opened, soon to be toast

Except, well do I just shove the thing in whole? Do i need to fry it, chop it, roast it? And what if there's a rogue earwig in there?

And what does it go with? Chips?

Will I be conned, like I was when I believed people that said swiss chard tastes divine (it really doesn't).

I know how this will go. I'll take a tiny nibble, rapidly test its flavour on the edge of my tongue, pull a face like a disgusted five year old, spit it out and proclaim a dislike on these pages. Until someone reveals just how I'm meant to eat them.

Answers on a comment please


Nome said...

Chive flowers taste pretty much like chives, so crumble and sprinkle them into a salad or a sandwich or on top of pasta/couscous/anything you want to look fancy and add a splash of oniony flavour to. Make sure you use them fairly soon after they open, before they start developing hard seeds inside.

And the secret to swiss chard? Lots of garlic! XD

Anonymous said...

you can eat carnations, they go well with ice cream or floating in some light bubbly.

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