Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Technical problems

This blog is as fragile as an emerging seedling just as the rain has stopped and the slugs have woken.

I've lost my page on getting started and it won't allow me to create a new one. If this continues I may try and set up a blog elsewhere but in the meantime here's a summary of a beginner's guide to beginning:

I strongly believe that anyone can grow something, you just need the reason or motivation. Or be strong-armed into the deep end and left to swim.

For those in the final category, as I was, here are some armbands!

What you need

1.             Soil
2.             Water
3.             Sun
4.             Seed

This year's broad beans - March
Other things that help:

          Commitment (once you get your first seedling, you'll feel guilty unless you care for it)
          Energy (Plants don't grow themselves. Well, they do, but it takes your energy to give them the best chance of producing some tasty stuff)
          Emotional backbone (No point getting all upset when the slug beats you to your courgettes)
          Friends (The type that will happily listen to you drone on about soil pH and crop rotation because they want your broad beans, or even better the type that will donate seeds and plants)
          No friends (Friends have a habit of inviting you places when you should be gardening)

 I'll follow this up with some more pics to demonstrate how easy potting can be.

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