Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Woah Black Berry (bam ba lam)

Like youth with instant mobile messaging, birds have managed to upset the order of things and deposit seeds where they don't belong.

Most of the time this can be a pain, with weeds popping up where they really shouldn't and trees taking root whilst your back is turned.

However, every now and again you can get lucky ( although I think the chances probably increase the closer you live to hedgerows and rural lanes).  The other day I was admiring my lovely apples when I something caught my eye, partially hidden out of reach on the top of the wall. If you look just to the right of centre in this photo you should spot a blurry patch of black and red up against the wall at the back.

It was like a glistening jewel and I was like a naughty magpie. Fruit that I did not plant but which I would be more than happy to plunder!  And I bet these weren't deposited by a bloody pigeon. More like a giving robin I reckon. And further along the wall are more! But there is a problem...

I can't actually reach them.

Maybe I should give up my gardening and just turn it in to a rock venue like these guys


elaine rickett said...

Your title made me smile - very funny - blackberries and apple a perfect growing combo for a crumble. p.s. Make a pair of stilts. p.p.s. my word verification for the day is vomyrop. One day I may start a blog about the fantastic words that come up.

Hapless gardener said...

Oh of course, great combination Elaine. I do have a ladder but I'd have to crush some raspberries to get there, so maybe stilts are the way forward. You should definitely keep a list and maybe write a blog getting people to speculate on the meaning too?

elaine rickett said...

I have only one thing to say to you - pludemar

Hapless gardener said...

Ha, how rude! You can't use a word like that on a family website like this!!

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