Tuesday, 8 May 2012


It's a modern word, forged in the heat of a post-match interview by part-time wordsmith / football manager Iain Dowie. Yes, it's an awful word (especially when uttered by Tim Lovejoy), but it means the ability to go on from a losing position to win.

You may have read my traumatic last post that saw the demise of many of my seedlings. Well not the peas.

Not only did they survive but they still managed to look damn gorgeous when faced with a camera. 

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Claire Benson said...

Peas are very photogenic. Its those lush leaves and their twirly tendrills.

For the seedlings you lost through the bad weather and wind, have you got a heated propogator? I've only been able to start germinated seeds since our house move in early April and have been using a heated propogator to get a head start. Things that I think you will be fine germinating still on a windowsill and you still have time with are squash and beans. For the more tender veg I'd use the heated propogator.

Good luck with the recovery :)

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