Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A little treat

Sometimes, I get so caught up in growing veg, I forget about the end product and the hypnotic pleasure of eating what you grow.

As regulars will know, raspberries are a favourite of mine, and one of my few successes.  I did a lot of things with them last year. I ate them fresh, I dunked them into my porridge, I made raspberry and mint ice cubes after a tip from my friend Kate, I put them in a cake, and on a cake. And I froze a load, just as they were.

I'd forgotten all about the frozen gems until today, with almost bare freezer I saw them nestling at the back. So I said to myself, it's time to let them shine.

Nothing complicated but something luxurious to mark the first day of summer. Pancakes, ice cream and blitzed raspberries (with a bit of sugar). Heaven.

If only I hadn't I burnt myself on the pan.


Laura said...

Raspberries my fave too, strawberries so overrated! They really are perfect on their own but sometimes I'll spare a few to go with a coffee streusel cake and thick cream, very nice

Esther Montgomery said...

My mouth is watering - which is very irritating because I can do nothing about it except look and imagine.

Hapless gardener said...

Oh they were good Esther, warm pancakes, cold sweet ice cream and the sharpness of the raspberry as good as if it were fresh ... (sorry that's naughty of me - are you growing any this year?!)

Laura, what is streusel cake?! Agree, much cooler than strawberries

Esther Montgomery said...

Unfortunately, I don't have room for raspberries. I have a couple of pots for strawberries and one of my blackcurrant bushes does well. That's the best I can do in the soft fruit line. Tokenism really - but lovely tokens.

Hapless gardener said...

Cracking choice to get blackcurrants - don't hear of many people growing them but I got one last year and it made me feel like I was breaking gardening ground! They take porridge to another level...

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