Friday, 20 July 2012

Name that bloom (#1)

It's Friday, the jet stream is heading north and summer is on its way. My boiler is fixed, my windows have been cleaned and I thought I should reflect my merry mood with a new challenge.

For the next few Fridays I'm going to post up a photo of a flower in the garden. I'll say now I have no bloody clue what these are, when I got them, or when I planted them. Most are gifts from my mum to which I probably said 'yeah ok', or are weeds.

Anyway, this one is definitely from my mum, I actually quite like it, but it tends to sit in its pot, flower, die, flower die. It's a bit of a temperamental things. I call it 'the teenager':


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful hydrangea. They do tend to flower, die back, flower, die back etc etc -you get the picture! I have a very similar one in my garden, providing some much needed colour. Keep the piccies coming!

MyPrettyPotager said...

That's definately a hydrangea, I leave the dead flower heads on mine over winter, to protect the new buds from the worst of the weather

linniew said...

I loved your personification of the moody plant--perfect.

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