Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rhythm is a chancer

Woo hoo, the sun is out, I can mow the lawn!

Yes, that's right, I know how to party. Dazzling yellow hues bring out the mower in me and I was out there for a good couple of hours today doing what I can only describe as 'the chores'. I rid the lawn of a beastly ragwort that had reached the height of my chest, and which now leaves a gaping hole. But it allowed me to get the old strimmer out and cut down the madness that had enveloped my garden.

There is something satisfying about taming the wild. I can imagine that it's what gives landscape gardeners a thrill - to see a fresh challenge ahead of them, an overgrown garden ready to be wrestled. Once I'd done the lawn, it was time to weed the paving stones that run alongside.

I'm always amazed at how weeds not only take hold in a sliver of a gap, but then shoot up to flower quicker that any bulb you deliberately plant in acres of nutritious soil. Well, today it was time to end their fun. And following that it was time for The Broom of Death.

Ok, just a broom to sweep all the mess up. But you have to at least try and make it fun! And it was then I realised what I was up to. I'd gone all Mary Poppins and was brushing to a beat, making up little games just to try and get through the sheer monotony of garden clearance.

And just as I'd got into my rhythm, SNAP! What are the chances eh?

Oh well. Lets have a tune instead.

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