Monday, 7 January 2013

Status Woe

So there I was ambling down the hill when I saw a magazine lying atop a recycling box, calling out "pick me, pick me".

'Allotment and leisure gardener' was its name.

Anyone who kids themselves that gardening is a leisurely pursuit is guilty of one or more of the 'sins' I'm about to share with you. 

Last year, a survey revealed the 10 biggest gardening faux pas. Apparently, gardening is the new frontline in the battle for social status as shown by the startling fact that 55% of us think negatively of neighbours who don't keep their gardens in check... 

Only 55% of us?

So what are these crimes? Lets count them down...

At 10 - Mock Grecian statues

If it's good enough for the Romans? 

In at 9 - Astroturf rather than real lawn

Astroturf has a bad name, all those sliced shins from hockey and football of my youth. But if you can't be bothered to push a lawnmower then you really shouldn't be allowed a garden!

Slipping 2 to 8 - Children's toys permanently left out

Have you ever tried to get your kids to clear away their toys? Exactly. Harsh call.

New entry at 7 - Completely paving a garden

If Astroturf screams laziness, this probably needs a call to the cops

Up one to 6 - Half finished decking

Um, eyes bigger than your stomach? 

Non mover at 5 - A dead lawn

No comment...

Re-entry at 4 - Overgrown hedges

The classic returns, and no it is not cool to trim them in the shape of a cockerel. Or anything similarly named.

At 3 - Broken garden furniture

Seen the prices at B&Q? No excuse.

At 2 - Overgrown garden

Given the rain we've had, and my own recent experiences I think we need to cut our neighbours a little slack. Or casually rearrange the garden boundaries...

At Number 1 - Litter

Who litters their own garden? Who?! Someone elses maybe.

Is there anything missing from this list? What annoys you about the neighbours garden the most? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know! Mainly because I can't see over my wall and I need some garden gossip!

And whilst you do that, don the denim and have a bit of Quo


Anonymous said...

Clearly I am the only person alive who thinks astro-turf is superior to lawn

Anonymous said...

Reading your list, I think I might be one of those annoying neighbours - no astroturf, but there are a few patches of nettles left to grow for the butterflies. So I guess I can't really complain about other gardens! Interesting to see what bugs other people though.

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