Friday, 18 January 2013

Stop if you think you've heard this one before


Daily Telegraph, earlier today:

  • Britain facing 40-hour 'snowstorm' with falls of up to 12in
  • Commuters face nightmare journeys as rail network freezes
  • Authorities warn of only essential travel amid chaos
  • Network Rail: 'assume where white where biggest problems
  • 3000+ schools close; A-level exams cancelled 
  • Train passengers stranded as rail networks shut down
  • Flights cancelled as passengers sit in airports
  • Panic buying hits supermarkets as shelves cleared

They did the same last year, even when in some places it didn't actually snow (click me). 

If you're a journalist reading this, and are in any way responsible for today's doom-mongering then stop. Just stop.

And if you're one of these spooked types who saddled up the car, hot-trotted it down to Tescos to beat the neighbours to the last of the frozen burgers then woah there

I don't know a single person who didn't want a 'snow day' today. We're all having fun for once, out sledging, throwing snowballs at strangers, taking and sharing photos, warming our mittens on a hot chocolate or our insides with sherry (you know who you are). 

Spot the snowman!

And the world looks beautiful.

As for the garden, yes even hardy gardeners have had to pause. 

And how nice it is to do that eh? When does the garden ever stop and when does the soil get a break from our meddling? Ah, yes ok in my case perhaps I could do with a bit more meddling, but you get my point.

Today, the snow has flattened every inch of my back yard, and hopefully taken out a few snails with it.

With a few exceptions - I hope emergency services are getting through and perhaps those suffering a broken boiler have jumpers - it seems that the country hasn't come to a crippling standstill, and the garden isn't going to suffer. We're all far too resilient for that.

So for all you without genuine cause to worry, either go out and make the finest snow man you can or just get a brew and put your tootsies up. You can be safe in the knowledge that both you and your garden sometimes show more signs of life when the snow comes than perhaps any other winter day.

Failing that,you could always indulge in some of this miserablism instead:


linniew said...

Oh lovely! And you certainly have the right attitude-- just enjoy the hugely increased Cozy Factor! Looks like there is more snow to come, so I hope your pantry is stocked. Good time to learn how to cook, say, chicken and dumplings...

Mandy said...

great blog :-) you're so right about the doomsayers - the snow is fabulous and I love it!

Toni said...

This is cool!

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