Thursday, 22 March 2012

No Sham-en this high

I'm on a mission to create as many highs in life as possible. We spend much of our young lives on a rush, stimulated by all manner of artificial concoctions usually involving bright colours and / or sugar.

When the hormones kick in though, more aural pleasures take over (yes I did spell that correctly), and we become conscious of the music that makes us want to dance, sing and generally just not care about how we look to others. We strive in our fantasies to become rock stars or (sadly) X-factor heroes ( we can't be both ). There is still a dreamy innocence in this, where we are convinced we'll achieve the ultimate high and everyone will love us. Even Simon Cowell.

But, there comes a point in all our lives when Mr Cowell kicks us in the nuts; where innocence gives way to harsh reality. Our mind takes over, our fears drown out the buzz we get from our senses. Yet it is our very senses that give us our innocence - triggering to our mind and soul to feel undiluted joy from a new meaningful experience. In fact we feel like children again.

So how can we continue to manufacture these highs? We can't rely on new experiences all the time. Thankfully, as adults there are some pleasures we've had before that we can't get enough of...

Yes, this is the time of year when gardeners reach a collective climax, yummymummy nature having worked her foreplay magic. Our patience is rewarded and bam! New shoots.

Check Out My Peas:

That's right, it's not all about sex, drugs and rock n' roll baby. In the immortal words of @KateGinty

"Peas are good, peas are good..."

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