Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pocket rocket - a competition

Last year I set you all a challenge - to grow rocket on your windowsill. Unfortunately I forced you all to remember Craig David (Met a girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday...oh yeah, it's in your head again)

Sorry, rocket. The more I grow it, eat it, watch it the more I'm in awe of this punchy leaf. Once again it has filled me with pride at responding to difficult circumstances. This year I've gone for the austerity approach - the baked bean can. This is the rocket I planted 10 days ago in its more humble home:

Some of the more professional bloggers out there run competitions, and usually they have fab prizes and lots of enthusiastic participants. I think I had 2 people taking me up on the rocket challenge last year. This year will be different...

I give you all until Easter Sunday to come up with the best austerity pocket rocket. You can use containers of any kind, decorated as madly, creatively or just hilariously as possible. I will send a prize to the winner, prize to be confirmed, judge to be confirmed, in fact I've just thought this up on the hoof so run with it! Get the kids involved, get your glitter out and turn the humble rocket in a can into something to celebrate.

Tweet me, email me, or leave a comment if you're in, or just crack on with it. I'll have a go myself and post my efforts too...



Chants Cottage said...

Oh dear. I just read this and think I'm probably a bit too late to join in now... All my rocket's in a big boring plastic plant pot and I planted it (just to really confuse it) last December. But I might have a go anyway...

Hapless gardener said...

Rocket grows so quickly, I reckon you still have time! Try it anyway and see what happens... I reckon you'll have something in 7 days (see

Have fun and thank you for the comment

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