Friday, 17 August 2012

Name that bloom #3

Ok, lets get down to business. The mother of this innocent looking thing was growing in a small pot by my herbs. I had thought her delicate and in the shelter of other more glamourous plants, who were fighting for attention and power. I expected her just to happily enjoy her time without much excitement and need for me.

Then came a surprise. Earlier in the summer I had cleared a container of salad leaves and was hoping to plant some more, when this nipper appeared. I instantly realised who the mother was and where this young chancer had come from.

The yummy mummy in the pot, hanging out by the herbs had batted her eyelids, and as my friends will know that's all it takes. 

Without realising, I'd been quite dedicated to her, given her more sun, and all the attention, and before long this little off-spring appeared. Well, all you need to do is help me name it, not determine if its mine. Thanks

The Hapless Kitchen Gardener

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I only feel hapless because some people make it look easy to grow 10 ft marrows or a banquet of greens whereas my courgettes got nabbed by killer slugs and I only got one raspberry. So tips and stories from people less hapless than I are more than welcome. As a disclaimer though, none of my comments should be taken as expert advice on which you can rely! © Unless stated otherwise, and with the exception of guest content where that guest retains copyright, all photos and posts are the copyright of Tom Carpen and may not be used without permission.