Friday, 31 August 2012

Name that bloom #5

I imagine most of you will know this. I bought it from my favourite garden centre, Riverside in Bristol on one of those boy moments - 'oh that's cool, I'm having that'. It was a combination of the distinctive colour, the rich red and lime green, and the tiny crab-like centres that made this stand out.

Stepping back it creates an almost kaleidoscopic pattern, and a sense of awe close up at the perfection of the colour and shape.

But of course, I threw away the label.

So, can you tell (me) what it is yet?


Margaret said...

I'm sure it's a euphorbia. I love them.

Myrtle said...

Yup, it's definitely a euphorbia. Very distinctive. They always put me in mind of sucker-pads!

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