Friday, 24 August 2012

Name that Bloom #4

I think this is my favourite display in the whole garden - just look at that colour!

Orange is much maligned. It does not sit comfortably with anything no matter what any colour wheel tells you. A poor man's red? Or just a bit too my fake tan.

But here ladies and gentlemen is a specimen that demonstrates where the colour belongs - not on skin but amongst the greens and browns of the garden. This particular beauty appeared towards the end of my first summer here, planted by the landlord before my time. I think it's superb. 

Currently it is preparing to burst in to flame and you can just about feel the theatre that awaits.

However, for all my love of this plant, I haven't a clue to its name. I'm sure some of you will be able to help, and any stories about its origins in a similar vein to Poppy's rather wonderful comment on Name that Bloom #2 would be very much welcome.


Franny Zorbak said...

Crocosmia, called Montbretia in the UK. My garden is like a firework display with it, at this time of year.

motormouth said...

Ditto...from South Africa...grows like a weed and multiplies! Love it!

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