Thursday, 14 March 2013

Red or bed?

I tell you what, trying to pot something every morning is getting harder and harder as the week goes on and I've managed today by the onion skin of my teeth.

It's all fine when you're fresh on a Monday morning, but four days in, the toll of the office and the temptation of an evening being wined and dined meant that I had a difficult decision this morning: 

Stick to my challenge and plant today's pot, or stay in bed.

I'm ashamed to say I chose the latter. But then I felt gardener's guilt, got up and have now hastily potted some red onions and written this post with 5 minutes at time of writing to get out the door...don't say I don't sweat for this blog!

I love red onions. Not only to they effortlessly cut through the dullest salad at night time they are a corker with bacon, eggy bread maple syrup and a few rocket leaves on a Sunday morning.

Now, a quick questions, I was always told to pot them like this but the seed packet says bury them. The former has worked before, but any tips very much welcome.

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linniew said...

What a hopeful time, all those beginnings! I'd smack those onions down a bit so the bulb stays under but I'm kind of into control. Salads await you Oh Disciplined One!

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