Monday, 11 March 2013

Thyme's up

Herbs. Every cookbook advocates a windowsill bristling with all manner of fragrances vying for your roasting tin's attention.

There's no doubt a handful of the good stuff can turn a limp chicken into a proud hen adorning Sunday's table.

On Friday, the lovely team at Unearthed food got in touch to share their pain. Thyme had literally run out. (Click me)

I feel for them. They have been enthusiastically trying out all manner of windowsill grow-your-own projects in the depths of winter. Me? I've been resting on my laurels, safe in the knowledge my bay tree is the gift that keeps giving, and the rosemary I planted out 2 years ago in the shade is somehow hanging on to plump my potatoes on a weekly basis.

Except this can't go on. I'm planning to move house, find a new garden, and these herbs aren't going to come with me. I need to get potting.

So, Susie and the team @unearthed, this morning I have potted some Thyme for my window sill, and every day this week I'll pot something new. I promise. Even if I'm hungover, suffering from long days at work, or have been on a punishing row through Bristol's Harbourside.

5 days, 5 pots. 

Well, 10 pots. See, I've got a collection of tin cans from my neighbour and I want to see what, if anything I can grow in them.  

I'm hoping this will kick start my growing year. There is a danger Spring will pass me by, that May will come and all that veg potential will be missed.

If you too need a kick up the cock-a-doodle-do then join me, 10 minutes each morning. A pot, seeds, compost and water. Beats Daybreak.

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