Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Take it to the ridge

Day 3 of my 5 days 5 pots challenge and I'm running out of puns.

Have you ever grown a cucumber? Until my first attempt at growing one, I had absolutely no idea just how they grew. On trees? Seriously, if you don't know have a quick think before reading on...

This morning I potted up some ridge cucumbers. I've grown them properly once before and once they get going they go nuts. They sprawl everywhere and give the garden some fantastic unpredictability. They send out creepers, grow bright yellow flowers and hide their goodies amongst their undergrowth like any self respecting vegetable.

But the thing that fascinates me most about them is how perfect they look as seedlings. Flawless and fascinating, sturdy and perfectly formed. 

It's like taking your dog for a walk in the park, seeing all those other dogs running around and you know everyone thinks they have the finest dog. But then there is always someone who has a stand out dog. One you can't take your eyes off.  Sure, there's little Jimmy and his pug and yes both will grow up to be thoroughly loveable rogues, but when the sleek, wire-haired Daschund pitter-patters past, or damn it someone has a Labrador bounding gainfully towards you, know that with the best will in the world that's where all the attention will be.

That's what it's like to see a cucumber seedling among all your mis-shapen new born veg. We love all our veg, no matter what it looks like (except of course evil tomatoes) but if I'm honest, at times I'd rather grow a thousand cucumber seedlings just for the sheer aesthetic hell of it. 

The seeds are in!

So, today I've started this year's round of my cucumber seedling obsession and I shall be sure to show them off to you all when they appear. Perhaps even take them out on a leash...


Esther Montgomery said...

I don't specially want to grow cucumbers but I would like to transport your wall and put it up in my garden.


Ellie said...

Please don't ever run out of puns... xx

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