Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bug off

Quick post, I've just heard a report on the news that no lesser an institution than The Natural History museum is urging us to get out into our gardens...

Why? To look for bugs. Ok, all very Terry Nutkins so far.

They want us to find rare bugs, and count them.

The list includes the 2-spotted ladybird. Lovely, they're our friends, they eat aphids don't they?

If I paint a few spots red...
Next up the small tortoiseshell butterfly. Great, every child knew the tortoiseshell.

Butterfly in moth's clothing?

And the leopard slug. Er hold on a sec. Well, apparently this slug is also our buddy, eating other slugs. But am I really going to be out there doing a finger tip search on a wet Wednesday morning. And what if they bite? Like real leopards? Silly name. Come on guys, is this really a good use of our time?

Apparently so. The news report was accompanied by a sound bite from the museum's spokesperson. "We want to understand more about the bugs we share our lives with..."

Come again?

Last time I looked, I'd not rolled over to see a ladybird cuddled up next to me. No butterfly joining me on a long country walk to reflect on how the last 10 years had, um, flown by.

If you would like to share your life with one of these eligible creatures, you can find out more here. I, however, have to go to work.

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