Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Gardener's question time (1)

Er, as in I have a question...

I think one of my major squash plants, that on the face of it was looking bold, brash and exciting has been putting on a very brave face.  Today it opened up and revealed that its stem is failing it. Shrivelled and brown, I just don't know what has happened. My only guesses are a lack of water or a truly evil slimy nasty s***

I fear the worst, but is there any chance to save this plant?


Nome said...

Hmmm, if it were mine I'd pack the soil up around the stem and hope it puts down some new roots - I'm pretty sure squashes do.

I had a cucumber plant do this too and I realised (too late) a slug or snail had munched it halfway through right at soil level. Doh.

Crossing my fingers...

Hapless kitchen gardener said...

Thanks Nome - I shall be on to it first thing. Bit dark wet and windy out there. @AcryliCloche on twitter thinks it may be windrock...

Sorry to hear about your cucumber, I'd better be extra vigilant. They show no mercy do they!

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