Saturday, 16 July 2011

Gardeners do it whatever the weather

Nothing like recycling a worn out line. Apparently gardeners are a filthy lot. They do it in the dirt, on their knees and with hoes, if google is to be believed. If you have even considered buying merchandise with any of those on it be very very ashamed of yourself.

And if you've actually spent the cash, then your punishment (for those living in the UK, Westside) is to get out there with said merchandise and get on your knees and dig until the rain stops. And it won't be stopping for a couple of days yet.

Yes, it's miserable out there. Gone is the glorious heat and sun of recent days and in its place, this:

Bristol sky 8:30am

And with it millions of refreshing mini bombs bringing happiness to every leaf and retribution to every fairweather homeowner who has eschewed the raised bed for the sun bed.

Faced with a space that is rapidly eating itself with wild growth, I promised myself earlier this week that I would take today's forecasts head on and garden regardless. Things are looking bad out there and another week would end my year's ambitions for staying in control.

Surprisingly, this psychological trick has overcome what previously would have been a peek through the shutters, and a decision to make a cup of tea and rest under a blanket on the sofa. I'm fired up, ready to step outside and take on the rough. I've been out already and have a full uninterupted day ahead.

I shall return this afternoon with Weed of the day, a spring in my step and no doubt a scar from a pigeon ditch your 'hanging with my gnomies' t-shirt' and get busy.


hanzy said...

ok so now i feel guilty. Even though gardening today would require oilskins and fishing waders. Humph!

elaine rickett said...

I'm afraid I am a fairweather gardener - but good luck anyway.

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