Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In the eye of the beholder...

I have a new page and a new challenge for you.

Inspired by a twitter follower loving the weed of the day posts, I've created a rogues gallery page

The Rogues Gallery

But I'd love this page to be filled by rogues from all over the place, so I'm putting a call out to anyone willing to send me, or go out and take photos of all manner of things we turn our noses up at or aim our trowels, pellets, water guns at in fits of garden rage.

Email me at Thehaplessgardener@gmail.com and lets get this gallery up and running. Anything from slugs, to weeds, to your broken old garden chair. The only thing I ask is that you calm your anger, tap into your compassion and reflect your beast of choice in a positive light.

After that feel free to indulge your dark side...


Esther Montgomery said...

Only one possible rogue here . . . the creature at the top because I don't know what it is. Otherwise - a sleek bird and a pretty flower.

You can copy slugs eggs from http://esthersgardennotes.blogspot.com/ if you like (you'll need to scroll down the page) - for some reason I can't get to it. Probably means this comment won't 'take' either - but I'll press 'publish' and hope.


Esther Montgomery said...

Bother - I meant snail's eggs. I had slugs on my mind because I have slugs eggs on another post but couldn't find them.

Have you seen The Squirrelbasket's post 'It's a Slug's Life'?



Laura said...

Am I allowed to put a picture of my other half up in the rogues gallery? He regularly turns up in the garden not knowing what he is doing and therefore to some extent would rate as a pest?

Hapless gardener said...

Esther, that creature at the top is otherwise known as DevilCat. Lives in the basement (hell) and has a trellis that it can climb up to do its worst in my garden.

The Squirrelbasket's post is great - human curiousity can really take you to strange places!

Laura, as your other half you must see beauty in him, and therefore he does qualify despite his understandable lack of gardening knowledge. We were all there once (and some would say I still am!)

Hanzy said...

my beloved dog has eaten all my strawberries. And my baby lettuce. Does she count? if so I will send you a picture!

Hapless gardener said...

Yes of course, although the picture will have to show the ultimate puppy dog eyes...

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