Friday, 1 July 2011

Second coming

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Which is why so many of us drink coffee for breakfast.  Nothing like a good drug to create the illusion that all is good in body and mind.

In the London rat race, I was a convert to the wonderful Monmouth coffee shop on the corner of Borough Market. I was back there recently, two years after my last appearance, resurrected in their ultra efficient queuing system. And they remembered me! Unheard of in London, I was thrilled.

But then I paused, and wondered, does that make me like the old drunk at the bar; pub and punter dependent on each other? Not valued but quietly mocked and pitied for my dependency?

Well, no more. I have porridge. All those oats and milk, I actually have long lasting energy in the morning.  Porridge is now a strange necessity; once you have it regularly you can't live a morning without it and energy wise kicks a croissant dans les noisettes.  However it doesn't look, sound or even taste inspiring on its own. It really is just mushy cardboard.

But. If you grow your own fruit then ha! you can get all creative on it's papery ass.

Earlier in spring I was chucking in the raspberries with abandon, all strong and intense. But as the harvest died away I had to turn elsewhere. To my blackcurrants. I had never eaten a fresh whole blackcurrant before. It's worth the investment in pot, canes and compost for that moment alone.

In porridge though it's like fireworks, a popping candy type experience as you get constant unexpected hits of flavour changing with each chew (yes I chew porridge, and once bit my tongue so badly I couldn't speak properly for a fortnight).

I currently (no pun intended) have enough to last a few weeks of gurt lush breakfasts, as they say in Brizzle. But to my surprise and hope this morning, my raspberry plant appears to be gearing itself up for a fresh batch.



linniew said...

We call it "oatmeal" or possibly "ballast." It totally needs fruit or else more sugar than my mother would ever have approved of. Or make it into granola which does eliminate what I think of as the "texture problem" (a big problem). Great post-- I love your writing voice!

Claire Benson said...

I like to have my porridge with my mum's homemade jam. All her fruit comes from her home grown fruit bushes. Currently on red currant jam but the whole family fights over her strawberry jams!

Very jealous of your blackcurrants! My garden is all containers so fruit bushes are something I am hankering after in a future garden.

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