Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hapless weed of the day

(Adopting Jeremy Clarkson's tone...)

Some weeds fight with veg.

Others with grass. 

Some go and colonise wildspace, like a gun-totting American settler. 

This fool, however, decides to lay it's hat...

...on a pavement. 

Yes ladies and gentleman, welcome to Bristol's very own hapless weed. Probably one of the busiest thoroghfares in town, leading as it does from many a work place to the great park by the river. All it will take is a random slipped stilleto, an unco-ordinated jogger or a hungry canine to end this foolhardy attempt to seek out a riverside location. Dear oh dear...

(and not only did I get funny looks bending down to take this pic, a lady said, aww, he's taking a piccy, like I'm some 5 year old)


Anonymous said...

What can I say, it is Bristol after all! [I can say that because my daughter went to Uni there, is married to a Bristolian, and works there, although they did move down the coast when the children started to arrive :-)] Ronnie

linniew said...

Keep looking at the world like a five year old and you'll be okay Tom. I'm getting together a photo for your Rogue's Gallery, can't wait...

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