Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunflower toil

It has been a long hard slog this summer.

When you're a child two of the memorable things in summer are sunflower competitions and crabbing (which is alive and well in the south west and norfolk i discovered this year). 

As an adult, sunflowers mock us (ha ha, if you had a proper climate I'd be much bigger) and as for crabs...

Back in May I was given 5 black sunflower seeds, by my friend Mark. I had to trade them for a cow much to the dismay of my mother, but I was assured by Mark that these were magic seeds that would produce the most amazing sunflower on the back of which I could make lots of money. Or something to that effect, I can't quite remember.

So, in went the seeds and until about two weeks ago there was no sign of anything other than a long straggly stalk. Then, on return from my festival shenanigans I saw promising signs

And then, yesterday I was greeted by a fully fledged, unique sunflower head and one I feel is apt for the absolute PATHETIC DISGRACE OF A SUMMER that we have had this year.

And I didn't even get to meet the giant.


linniew said...

As a connoisseur of tiny, bent, wilted, pathetic sunflowers I have to say you don't have one of those. Spectacular bloom, and I had no idea they could be that color!

Margaret said...

That's a lovely colour, well done. My sunflowers have been pathetic this year

Hapless gardener said...

Thank you both! Yes Linnie, I did immediately think of your poor sunflower but I think I've got lucky this year. Margaret, I certainly can't take any nurturing credit for this baby. I left it out in the spot where there's the most sun during the day and hoped for the best. It must be a resilient variety and agree, the colour is lovely.

Janet said...

That would win a competition and it didn't fall over or grow at an angle, like mine did last year before I gave up on them.begin

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