Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back on the rogues

I'm thrilled to be able to announce that we have BRAND NEW ROGUES in the gallery. Yes, it was as if they had all gone in to hiding, having been named and shamed despite my best attempts to insist that the Gallery is more Rogue Vogue than a criminal line up. 

And just like buses, not just one but three pictures for you. Hold on, that's not fair. What with all this real time information, bus lanes and timetables on your mobile, you now know when buses are going to come along and they turn up on time. Except when you're cutting it fine to get to the airport.

So can I introduce the first of three rogues contained in two posts: Foxes. 

You can find the full collection over on the Rogues Gallery page. Please do look out for some of your own and feel free to email them to me Thehaplessgardener@gmail.com. 

Ginger nutters

Emotive creatures foxes. Responsible for the march of the countryside, anti fur fashion campaigns and the enlightened imagination of millions of children captivated by a certain Fantastic Gentlefox. And of course, every city dweller has been woken up by the terrifying sound of foxes at it amongst the bins and had to stop themselves reaching for the phone to dial 999 / 911 / 112 / 000 (yep going international on this blog) in case there is some serious assault happening.  To some, they are furry, cute and cuddly, or perhaps sharp humoured, cheeky and answering to the name Basil. To others, however they are pure vermin. Mauler of rubbish bins, chickens and perfectly planned vegetable arrangements. And always caught on the stealth. So, to snap them sunning it, as my top friend Paula did, will only polarise you all further. Are they lording it or just being a loving family? I'll leave you to judge...

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