Monday, 9 May 2011

(Garden) path to ruin

I am almost ashamed to post this next photo.

But I think it's time we all came clean. Unless you get paid to do it, are all consumed by it, or both there will be one or two little things that get in the way of stepping out into the garden.

Like beer. And the consequences of beer.

Not all of us can go the full Monty Don and calmly show off a perfectly made bed, next to a beautifully trimmed, um, box hedge.

So, the scene this weekend was a typically disturbing one in my back yard. Garden equipment strewn across the lawn, ornamental duck toppled, plastic pots littering the place, kneeling mat on the veg, empty beer bottle from Tuesday night, empty compost bag from Tuesday night, dug up potatoes from Tuesday...hold on - of course, my friends had to 'catch the train'.

Keeping a garden presentable is, for some I imagine, their very reason for gardening. What would the neighbours think otherwise? Others, like me, think it's all about getting stuck in and giving your lazy streak a bit of indulgence.

But I do believe, even if I can't claim to have learnt, that a tidy garden allows you the pleasure of giving all your energy to your veg. It allows you to keep on top of all the tiny tasks, like weeding, watering, killing slugs, weeding, watering, killing snails, weeding watering, clearing cat parcels, killing cats, er, earwigs I mean.

So, my garden tip for the day - put everything away before you lock the door. And if you have friends round, lock the door until they put everything away.

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