Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Readers chives

Well, broad beans actually. But the title made me chuckle so much this morning I had to use it, even though you really really shouldn't laugh at your own jokes.

Thank you to Hanzy for sending me a pic of her broad beans, which have outstripped mine to maturity.

Bonus points for the arty bowl and bean arrangements. Brownie points to her husband for actually shelling them. Shelling was something I didn't appreciate needed doing with broad beans until last year. Like runners, I'd never eaten them. It was the first thing I ever grew, and after picking them and photographing for posterity I was itching to try them.

But not till staring at them for ages. In the back of my mind I could hear my voice shouting "you have to shell them", whilst I was just staring at them thinking, hmmm they look a bit tough.

What with their funny light green jackets and all.

So I boiled them (surely the most unimaginative way of cooking, but I'm a boy with limited cooking imagination) and drained them and then to my horror/surprise I found I quite liked the challenge of seeing how many scalding hot beans I could shell as quickly as possible to eat them before they go cold. There was definitely pain involved.

The next time you're round at a friends for dinner and they serve you broad beans, you may have to question what's hidden in their wardrobe...

Anyway, it's still good to sow some broad beans at this time of year, so again tick the box below and I'll try and write up something in the Get Potting page

Thanks again to Hanzy, and if you all send me pics (Thehaplessgardener@gmail.com) I'll start my own Tony Hart style gallery (cue music)

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Hanzy said...

Good work! love the title.

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