Monday, 2 May 2011

Rocket man

In an attempt to inspire friends to grow some stuff , I've created a separate page on which I'll try and show what I've done to get particular fruit and veg started (see the Get potting page).

The first one is rocket. The peppery, punchy daddy of salads is really easy to grow outdoors.

Outdoor rocket, flanked by Dill and Borage

However, I'm trying this one on the window sill with plain garden soil and then with compost to see if it is even easier.

I have no idea if this will work...(although it really should)

So as a mini May challenge, try the same and give me a shout if you are. Even better, post your window sill rocket pics on this posting in a few weeks


Farah said...

I am inspired! I just have a balcony though. Sunny it definetely is. Any recommendations?

Hapless kitchen gardener said...

Brilliant Farah, keep me posted on your rocket! I reckon have a think about what you'd love to eat fresh from the balcony, think about how big it is normally. Some things, like runner beans and cucumbers go nuts and start climbing or sprawling. Don't limit yourself to salad. You could try chillis, herbs for sure and radishes for small crops. I reckon you could probably do peas, garlic and red onions too. But definitely experiment and get ideas by looking through a seed suppliers website maybe?

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