Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sometimes the garden speaks for itself

Wednesday morning was wet. That kind of positivity sapping, dull grey kind of wet. And on days like those the best thing you can do is just step outside in your dressing gown, socks and sandals and just take it all in. Do it before remembering what rain does to your pjs. And before you look down at your feet and realise just how unattractive socks in sandals are.

But who cares how you look. This time of year is when you get the unexpected thrill of the first fruits of your months of sowing and preparation.

The buzz never diminishes. On Wednesday a pea appeared from nowhere. As in, a pod on the pea plant, not some giant talking pea with legs. That would just be weird. 

I had the same surprise last year and it reminded me that for all the neglect of the last week or so, the garden is preparing to inspire me to ignore friends, ditch work, slack off rowing and possibly shun sleep for the next few months as we get to the business end of things.

But for now, it was enough to just stand back and admire:
Baby broad beans
Rain soaked curry leaves

Rasberries ripening


Nome said...

Wow, it all looks great Tom! Itching to pick those first broad beans now...

Hanzy said...

I picked my first lot of broad beans today!Yum.

Hapless kitchen gardener said...

Thanks Nome, but I'm keep the carnage hidden from view from now - I've got plenty not looking so good! I shall reveal more soon...

Hi Hanzy, lucky you, when did you start them? Done well to get some already, what's the secret?

hanzy said...

Started them way back at the beginning of March under cover. They were good, steamed with a bit of butter. No secrets, Just luck, last year they all got black fly! I think where I have planted them helps, at it is quite breezy at the end of the garden so flies can't settle. This time last week the pods were only a couple of inches long!

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