Monday, 9 May 2011

Grow herb, make Mojito

When someone you know has their take on the modern world voted the best blog in Bristol by one of the City's trendiest magazines then all you want to do is say...

I read it and was into it before you were. Damn you Clifton Life.

And then you want everyone else to know that you read it first before they did, damn them.

But Kate's accolade is thoroughly deserved for what is her path towards a more enlightened way of life. Curb your consumerism makes you think without playing the guilt trip on you. A route you take willingly rather than being whipped along by fear mongers or worthies.

And to prove it's not all about bigging up someone I know, she has posted something rather inspirational for the amateur gardener with a penchant for cocktails. Or olive oil:

Happy reading

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Kate said...

*Aw* thanks Tom :)

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