Monday, 2 May 2011



Iron. Popeye. Dark. Tough

A symbol of strength if ever there was. Spinach is good for you ( I would say it's full of goodness but that word is tainted - just what is Dairylea goodness?)

Planting spinach is a statement of intent. It says to others, 'once I harvest this my body will be running on the green version of Castrol GTX - I'll be a well oiled work hard play harder go getter.'

But as we all know, behind brash claims lie uncomfortable truths. It's common knowledge that this most arrogant of veg claimed iron content tens times the actual. But this year spinach has been found well and truly wanting by a more modern green. A cultured and exotic specimen that still packs a culinary, nutrional and visual punch, but with a bit more sophistication and class.

May I introduce the new alpha veg:



Having planted a row of each on 19 March, alongside each other with equal light and water, it's clear who got all the nutrients when it came to it.

Foreground - Spinach
Background - Pak Choi
Spinach - all mouth

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