Friday, 27 May 2011

Stunted growth

Otherwise known as


Left - compost rocket;  right - garden soil rocket

My experience of rocket in the brash outdoors is that it just keeps on growing up, and fast.

The windowsill lot however are now month in and seriously guys, you're looking a bit stumpy. You also all seem to be leaning towards the window, desperate to join your brothers in the salad patch.

Now you wouldn't give your child a cigarette. You may give them a small glass of red at dinner aged 4 because that's what the French do, And now the residents of north London do because they read in the paper that the French do. But you wouldn't give them a cigarette and not only because it stunts your growth. There are other things that do that, like starving them of light and the great outdoors, it seems. At least that's what my experiment (not tested on animals) suggests.

I'm disappointed. I want the rocket to look the part. Getting all the sun reflected through the window, the least they could have done is got a tan.

At least, I was disappointed until I tasted them a minute ago (a rather odd breakfast I admit). You're not going to get a more fiery punch from a weedy looking thing than I just did I can tell you! I actually had to take it out it was so peppery. Impressive, but I consider it revenge for rocket abuse.

So, if you do leave your child to grow up in the cupboard under the stairs, be prepared when you open the door for them to come out and kick you hard in the wotsits. And let that be a lesson to you.

Tonight I shall be adorning dinner plate with this lot. My experiment suggests you can grow rocket on a windowsill and although not the best in show, it certainly delivers on taste. If you've been joining in with the rocket challenge, write to me and let me know if you've had the same results?


Matt Richmond said...

Mine seems to change speed when it suits!

Hanzy said...

I grow mine outdoors, they get flea beetly then I forget about 'em and they bolts! (thats the rocket not my kids)

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