Saturday, 7 May 2011

Wanton destruction 2

Would you trust this animal?

Last year, him and his kind thought it appropriate to add extra fertiliser to my soil. After a summertime battle, I stepped up my game and this year i added zoo fertiliser to my soil (affectionately known as zoo poo) which apparently they don't like, but fruit trees and most veg love. It has been so effective that I've only had one episode this year. For those of you embarking on a veg bed project in the vicinity of these untrustworthy moggys, they tend to target freshly raked beds. A bit of orange peel scattered around sometimes works. Or a lion.

So, happy that we'd found a mutual understanding, I've been busily gardening this spring.

Then, two nights ago I was woken with a jolt. The sound of cats squealing as if impaled on a rogue asparagas spear. A crash, and all manner of comotion. I just could not be arsed to get up and look out the window but my heart sank. Some damage had been done in the garden...

And it was the broad beans that took the brunt of it

Even now, a day later I can't bring myself to think of something amusing to say about it. I'm angry and gutted. I want to pick up the cats and hurl them as far over the wall as I can manage. But like snails, they'll find a way back. I may open negotiations with Bristol zoo for that lion...

Small cats. More dangerous than a friend with scissors in front of your salad leaves.

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